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2003 - It all started in 2003.  Francis, one of our most respected and long standing players, was planning to go back to Hong Kong for good.  One of his last wishes was to play volleyball with brothers and sisters at NZCMC church.  So his wish was 'granted' and we booked a volleyball court at Howick Recreation Centre to play volleyball with him.  At that time, no one in the group knew how to play except Francis, so while the net was up, it was of no use because none of us could get the ball over the net.  So, Francis, being the best player around (at that time), got us to form in a circle and taught us all how to play volleyball.  This was how it all started.  We had lots of fun and began to play regularly at Tamaki Recreation Centre. 

After playing socially for a good few months, David and I decided it was time to flex our newly acquired volleyball skills.  So we went to explore if there are any social competitions out there.  We took with us a 'nothing-to-lose' attitude and join the ASB social league competition.  At the end of the day we could only get better by playing more.  

2004 - ASB League, the beginning of Vorta 1 and Vorta 2

At the beginning, we entered the league with 1 mixed team and acquired our first coach, Elvis.  That's when our 'gruelling' training regime started.  Not only did he teach us basic volleyball techniques but also trained us on our physical fitness that surely was lacking in most of us at that time.  We started off with 1 team and by the end of 2004, we have 2 mixed teams playing the league, Vorta 1 and Vorta 2 were formed.  Vorta 1 came 3rd in C grade and Vorta 2 came 4th in D Grade at the end of the year. 

Vorta 1 (L)- Andy, David, Bon, Elvis(C), Ken, May, Alan, Terrance

Vorta 2 (R)- Vivian, Margaret, Tammy, Wayland, Andy C, Ben, Francis

With our expanding team, we could not get the same uniforms of the same style, so we decided it was time to do some shopping, and there came our '2nd generation Vorta uniform'


Logo - Also, thanks to Ken Wong, one of our players, helped us in designing our VORTA logo, if you look closely, you will find each of the V-O-R-T-A in the logo. 

2005 April - "Vorta Sydney Trip"

It was our 'breakthrough' year.  We had a numbered of 1st this year and the 1st one being breaking through the geographical barrier of NZ and went to Sydney to play a tournament organised by David's sister-in-law's volleyball team.  There were a total of 6 teams including us and a all-girls team.  We did not make NZ proud in that particular occasion, in fact, if I remembered correctly, we did not win a match the whole tournament.  However, it was a great experience, we had great fun and certainly gave us and especially me the motivation to put together a girl's team in New Zealand.  


2005 June - "1st Asian Indoor Tournament"

Vorta held the 1st Asian Tournament in June 2005 with the aim to promote volleyball.  To win the competition, each team (10 players with at least 2 girls) has to compete in 4 indoor sports including badminton, soccer, basketball and volleyball.  The competition ran over 2 days.  Despite it was chaotic on the day, despite how exhausted everyone was after all the games, it was a great success and it was decided then and there that there will be a 2nd Asian Indoor Tournamet next year.  We had 4 teams in total.  Vorta was the overall winner this year.


 In terms of volleyball, it was a training year for us, we continued to train hard at our base at Tamaki playing as many games as we can and invite our teams to play friendly matches with us.  It was a fruitful year for us and we happily celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Vorta.  
2006 - New Uniform (again!)
I cannot remember why we wanted to change our uniform again but we pride ourselves as the 'best-looking' volleyball team around (skills set aside).  Don't get me wrong, we are a 'deadly-serious-competitive' team.  So from 'Vorta-the-blue-and-white' to 'Vorta-the-Grey', we have transformed to 'Vorta-the-Smurfs'.  Here is our original designs:
2006 April - New Zealand Chinese Tournament (Wellington)
What better occasion then to play a big tournament to 'show off' our new bright uniforms! We went to Wellington with 1 Mixed Team.  There were surely a bit of pressure for us to get good results since we have been training for a couple of years.  Our team came 4th in the overall competition.  Despite there weren't enough girls to run a girl's competition, the organisation put together all the girls from different mixed team to play a friendly match together.
New Coach - Nelson
We found ourselves a new coach, Nelson, his wife, Jerica also joined the women's team at the same time.  Nelson restructured our 2 mixed teams to 1 men's and 1 women's team.  The strategic direction of Vorta also changed under the guidance of Nelson.  We changed from 2 social teams to a formal volleyball team with proper training.  Our training became more specific and expectations were put into players to get into the 1st 6 positions.  
2006 June - "2nd Asian Indoor Tournament"
Riding off the success from 2005, this year we had a total of 8 teams competiting in the competition.  This time we ran the competition over 2 weekends.  Surely we were 'the team to beat' because we were the defending champion.  We were in a 'dead-lock' position with Munchy Mart right until the last sports which was soccer.  The situation was surely in favour of Munchy Mart, because the team make up was based on soccer players and Vorta, surely was make up of mostly volleyball players.  We were down 1 goal in the 1st half and we were constantly under 'attack', not sure if the guys agreed with me, but being only one of the two girls running around in the court, I surely felt 'threaten' with the soccer balls constantly flying across my face.  In the 2nd half, Sarwindar came up with a goal from nowhere and placed the game again in a 'dead-lock' position.  I think it was only in the last couple of minutes that David came up with a goal (with his last breath).  This was how we defended our title.  
2006 Aug - "1st Vorta Baby - Jasmine Cheng"
Our 1st Vorta baby, with proud mum and dad being Vivian and Stanley.
2006 Oct - Francis and Lacca wedding
2006 Nov - ACCC Volleyball Tournament (Mangere)
Setting aside all the exciting things happening in our team this year.  We entered the competition with 2 mixed teams.  The 1st Mixed Team came 3rd, 2nd Mixed Team came 5th in the competition.  It was a competition with great results.  Our second Mixed Team managed to take a set off the eventual champion. 
2007 April - Margaret, Jessica went OE in London
Two players from the women's team decided to explore the world in London.  That's two players down from an already stretched women's team.  However, it was great that 2 new players (Giann and Ellen) decided to come on board and train with us.  Both were the 'fruits' of our effort of running sports day and promotional programme. 
2007 July - 3rd Asian Indoor Tournament
This year we had 6 teams in total and finally Vorta was unable to hold on its crown.  Headless Chicken was the team that won the title.  Vorta came 2nd, Jokers 3rd, P Ball 4th, Satrov 5th and 10 cm 6th.
2008 - AH 9, Kevin, Trevor came on board
New members of the men's team, they sure lowered the average age of the men's team 'significantly' :D
2009 - Lots of new members, Margaret is back
2010 - Round the Bays, 1st VORTAS VOLEYBALL TOURNAMENT,  Yu is back, Terence is gone, new training venue


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