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Asian volleyball club, men & women, social & training for competitive tournament



Thank you for visiting our site.  VORTAS Volleyball Team was established in 2003 and we now have 2 Men's Team, 2 Women's Team who train and play competitively. 

Please free feel to look around and get in touch with us if you have any questions.  We are always keen to look out for new players to join our team.

Why are we called 'VORTAS'?

The word VORTAS came from the 'VO' from 'VO-lleyball' and 'RTA' simply because it is easy to chant when we support our team.

The club was first established in 2003 by Francis Ling with 7 members and has now grown to around 30 members.  In 2004, the club formed two mixed teams to play in the ASB Volleyball League and has regularly practices at the Tamaki Recreation Centre. 

And in 2005, the club has made their first overseas trip to play with local Chinese teams in Sydney.  

In 2006, a former National player in Singapore ? Nelson Ng was hire as coach to improve players? fundamental skillsets.

Since 2005, the club has continuously promote Volleyball within the Asian community by arranging Asian Indoor Tournament, which includes Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton.  Many of their current players have joined the club after playing in this tournament.  From 2006, the club has participated in Easter sport events held by the New Zealand Chinese Association, which is held in various cities inside New Zealand.  In 2010, the club held their first open-entry Volleyball Tournament, which is no longer restricted to within Asian community and the second open-entry Volleyball Tournament last year.  It was a success proven by participants and had express interest in future competition held by the club.  And therefore, the club decided to host another similar event in April this year.

Training and Coaching

Both men and women teams train on Sunday evening at Otahuhu Recreation Centre and Tuesday and Tamaki Recreation Centre, which is our home venue for all our volleyball games.  Tuesday Training starts at 7pm and Sunday starts at 5pm.

Our Coach - Nelson Ng.  Nelson is from Singapore, a former national player, coaching both mens and womens team since 2006.